PTO Fundraising Totals & a great big THANK YOU!

We're feeling extremely grateful over here - the turnout for our fundraisers this school year has been phenomenal! We really appreciate all the willing volunteers who have showed up in full force to make these events happen, and the Harney families who have attended or contributed in support of our school and our kids!

The Payback Book fundraiser raised $4875 - a huge uptick since last year! All funds from those sales go directly to our teachers in the form of $100 classroom-supply stipends, and toward teacher grants.

The Harney Carnival netted $1822 (!), and Burgerville Night netted $373.50 - both of which are earmarked for the PTO General Fund (and both of which were significant increases from last year's earnings!)

Hopefully your kids are taking advantage of our after-school clubs, which continue to be funded by the earnings from the Harney Benefit Auction of 2013! Enough funds remain in that account to continue funding the clubs for the forseeable future. And the funds from the 2014 Auction, which were earmarked for Literacy at Harney, have not only funded the purchase of books in the library and in our classrooms, but they afforded Harney the opportunity to implement a new reading program called The Daily 5. 16 teachers attended a training session this summer to learn how to integrate the program into their classes, and those teachers have passed on their training to other Harney educators, via book studies. At this point 2/3 of our teachers have implented the new program, and the results are astounding! Vicki Moody has offered to lead tours to any parents who are interested in seeing this new transformational program up close and in action. She can be reached at

With our Beaches Halloween fundraiser just around the corner, we hope to keep up the momentum of support and funding for our Harney teachers and students! Thank you so much!