We're up and running! (mostly)

Look at us - we have a website!! And just in time for the new school year!

The Harney PTO intends for this site to be chock full of info about upcoming events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities - everything you need to know to support Harney, our teachers and staff, and of course our students. 

This "News" page is a blog where you can find musings from PTO members, and any announcements we need to share. The "About" section is where you'll soon find who we are and what we do, with an event section listing what's ahead for the month, and a contact page if you need to reach out to us. We hope the "Take Action" page will help make volunteering with us a bit easier. And of course the "Benefit Auction" page will keep you up to date on the specifics of our yearly Auction, as well as link you to a ticket-sales site. (Stay tuned for upgrades & updates throughout the site.)

With the launch of our new website, we hope to help jump start another great year at Harney!